About Me and this Blog

This blog was born…

I have the good fortune of living in Ash Creek, which is a fabulous neighborhood in Portland, Oregon.

When I launched this site, I knew I wanted to blog about health and beauty with an emphasis on hair health, hair care and hairstyles that included loads of awesome photos.

Instead of coming up with a name revolving around beauty or hair or just photos, I thought it would be fun to name it after the neighborhood in which I live and love so much.

And so the blog name “Ash Creek” was born.

My background

I’m a lay-person when it comes to health, beauty and hair.  I’m not a hairdresser, personal trainer, nor certified in any similar field.  Please keep this in mind.  I’m more a writer who is passionate about living a healthy and beautiful life and so that’s what I blog about.

I really appreciate you stopping by.  I hope you enjoy my blog and hope you visit again.