Oily Skin and Treat them Properly

Know the Reasons behind your Oily Skin and Treat them Properly

There are different types of skin tones, and these skin tones vary from one person to the other. Right from your beautician to your dermatologist the first thing that they would like to know about your skin is the type that your skin belongs to. This will help them give the right treatment for your skin. The main types are as follows: normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive.

Oily Skin and Treat them Properly

There is a simple trick if you do not know what type your skin belongs to. Take a tissue paper and press it gently on your skin. Now, look at the tissue paper. If the tissue has traces of oil, then it is oily skin. If there are other particles and less oil residue, then it has to be dry skin. If the tissue looks clean, then it is a normal skin. If the oil residue is found in selective part of the tissue paper, then that is combination skin. But as far as a sensitive skin is concerned, you do not need a tissue to prove it to you.  There will be traces of blood and other harsh skin conditions if your skin is sensitive in nature. There can also be chances of serious medical conditions.

So let us stick to the topic. Oily skin is one thing that most people are worried about. There are some severe cases where you can get away with such skin tone permanently. So why oily skin, here are the reasons that you wanted to know all your life.

Reasons for oily skin:


The first reason behind most of the physical disorders can be because of the genes that you have inherited from parents. This can be the simple and the first reason behind your oily skin. In such case doing away with it can be difficult. But still, some hacks and remedies can save your face at least when you are making a public appearance.

Mental issues:

Trust me if you are more stressed out and tensed you are prone to a more oily face, and this is because when you are tensed or stressed your body secretes a specific type of hormones called androgen that results in more production of oil and fat substances out of the body. This can make you look oily.


Now you will probably get why your beautician would want to know your skin tone. Understanding the skin tone and applying cosmetics accordingly will save your skin from a lot of health issues and one among them is oily skin. If you do not apply the right cosmetics, it can result in oily appearance. So be careful about what you are applying on your face.


The dietary patterns can have an impact on your skin tone. But wait, we do not want you to jump into a conclusion that oil consumption and oil secretion are in direct proportion. We would love to keep it clearer. Consumption of food that has high glycemic load can push the oil production up, which results in oily skin.

Environmental factors:

The place where you reside or the places that you more often visit can influence your skin tone. You will be prone to oily skin if you are living in a humid or hot environment. Such climatic conditions can increase the oil secretion leaving your skin oily.

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