How to wear a hat when you have very curly hair

I have wavy hair so hats aren’t a huge deal.  I love wearing hats of all kinds regardless of the occasion.

However, I have a friend with very curly hair and as a person who doesn’t have really curly hair it never occurred to me the issue of wearing hats for my friend until she mentioned it in passing one day.

I thought, yeah, with those tight, thick curls (she has a lot of hair), getting a hat on isn’t the easiest thing.

And so I asked her what she does because she does wear hats.

She told me that she found the best solution on YouTube.  In fact, she was astonished at all the great video tutorials showing how to wear different types of hats with really curly hair.

My friend isn’t a blogger so she doesn’t mind I share the videos she found that she says helped her out so much.

Here are a few videos she said are pure gold for women with really curly hair who want to wear hats.

1. Caps and curly hair

this first video is great because it shows you how to prep your hair for a cap hat.

2. All kinds of hats

Here’s a video of a women with curly hair show shows you how to wear many different types of hats with curly hair.

As you can see, having curly hair isn’t a problem for hats. You just need to take care that the hat fits well and that you get it styled just right.

I’ll end on a corny note… a hat tip for my friend Lisa.

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