medium length pixie blond hair for over 50's

FORTY Over 50 Short Haircuts (Women)

Having a short hairstyle make everyone aged 50 and beyond look younger! Not only it gives that youthful and playful vibe, it is also very easy to manage! Check our selection of gorgeous short hairstyle that you would absolutely love!

Having an asymmetrical hairstyle does not only make you look younger and prettier, it gives an impression that you are a fun-loving and adventurous woman. The picture above only shows an example of how a short hairstyle can give you so much youthfulness and beauty! Take on your adventurous side and try this look now!

Super cute cut! Hair cred Robin Milliken #asymmetricalhair #sassyhair #shorthairstyles #pasadenasalon #rumorshasit

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You wouldn’t stop giggling like the woman in the picture when you have a hairstyle like this. The “messy” short hair do gives an aura of being young, carefree and approachable. This haircut is also an epitome of timeless beauty.

When your guest is so excited about her cut she don’t know where the camera is hahaha…..

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The caption said it all–short, sassy and sassy! Need I say more?

Tired of all the short common hairdo? Let’s embrace our fun and wild side by getting a supershort pixie hairstyle! It’s never too late to experiment and reinvent ourselves, right?

Love when my ladies want something drastically new. We went from a shag to a super short pixie with @pravana Magenta peek-a-boos!

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Want to add more life and color to your short hair? You know what to do! Adding color to any haircut, gives just that–color…and more! It makes a huge difference that I even ran out of word to describe, but I know that you know what I mean! 😉

Still in doubt about how a short hair can do wonders to your face and age? Look at how adding color and texture transformed this lady into a seemingly entirely new different person!

Luckily, we are now in the generation where having silver/gray hair is in! Getting tired of having your gray hair (especially the roots!), covered? You can just embrace it and rock it with a nice hairstyle and an attitude!

Corte by Adri #starhair #starhaircuritiba #curtofeminino #mulheresdecabelocurto #shorthair #shorthairstyles

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I couldn’t even believe it! This hairstyle have everything that shouts “young” in it. Everything that was needed is the right shade of color and a pixie, asymmetrical cut, and viola! Complete transformation, done.

This lady is on fire! Fiery colors are just hot for short hair cuts!

#fireball #shorthair #pulpriothair

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The best thing about having a short hair cut is when you do it with friends and family! It’s fun and exciting! Look how young these two friends look with their pixie and bob haircut.

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This haircut will make your golden years more FABULOUS with its classiness and elegance!

elegant blond pixie elegant blond pixie

For those who want to tone down the attitude and just be pretty in short hair, you would love this short length bob cut with side bangs. Your natural hair color will surely shine!

medium length pixie blond hair for over 50's

Embrace your natural gray hair color and add spice buy having a short layered pixie cut. It is fun to wear and requires little maintenance! More time for your much needed “me time”! I personally like this one, and would recommend to all ages!

short gray pixie cut for over 50's

Editorial! High Fashion! I could go on and on since I am obsessed with this super straight bob cut that make you runway-ready anytime! It’s never too late to awaken your inner runway model, so go ahead and have your hair done like this.

short straight bob gray hair for over 50's

Can you guess this woman’s age? Getting your hair colored in dark brunette hues will take you years back from your actual age.

dark medium length pixie cut for over 50's

What’s cool about highlights? It does just that–highlight! It highlights the color and pattern of your hair so if you are straight or curly, it accentuates it and more! It adds life, color and light! You don’t have to go extreme, just subtle variation of your natural hair color would do the trick.

short bob cut with highlights hair style for over 50's

Having your bob cut is one thing, but styling it to one side takes it to the next level! If toning down your haircut at 50 doesn’t work for you, you are not alone. Go ahead and embrace the fun and exciting side of you!

medium length side bob cut blond hairstyle for over 50's

Never be scared to go for a short pixie cut! The secret lies to the flattering textures and layers that will slash off some years to your entire look. Take the plunge and prepare for a dashing transformation from your old, long, plain and boring haircut.

short pixie brunette, layered hair for over 50's

Wanting a safe option for a short hair cut? You will never go wrong with this one! This short bob hairstyle with side bangs has never been out of the trend for decades! It is very classy, youthful and easily complements any hair and skin color!

short blonde cut with side bangs hair for over 50's

This bob cut is so short, that it almost transcends into a pixie cut. Like previously mentioned, the dark hair color will give an instant “age rewind” to your entire look. The highlights in this hairstyle also added life and volume which made it more fabulous!

short bob cut brunette for over 50's

This haircut screams “young and free” all over it. Feel free to experiment and add a touch of your favorite color to show off your unique personality!

Keep it short and simple…..but never plain! Just add a gorgeous color and rock it like you mean it!

For those, who can not let go of their long locks, shorten it by getting curls! This will transform your look in an instant!

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Another way of keeping your longer mane is to have it layered. This way, you can have a long bob cut with shorter layers on the side (reverse bob).

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This is how bangs/fringes make you look years younger than your actual age. A few layering and styling over here and there, make your hairstyle very editorial!

Embrace your natural curls with a bob haircut that would accentuate your natural waves! This style is more on the safe zone, but very easy to keep!

medium length curly bob cut for over 50's

Keeping it simple and sassy has never been this easy! A short bob cut, showing your natural hair color shows your love for your natural beauty and that’s quite lovely!

medium length gray hair for over 50's

This is a clear example how straight bangs make you look younger. Covering graying hair with solid colors such as black, brown or red is a great idea to leave people guessing your real age.

red short bob with straight bangs for over 50's

Women of all ages actually love how versatile this hairstyle is. It is sporty, classy, elegant and at the same time, simple! How could that be? With the right outfit, accessories, and attitude, this haircut will take you places!

short bob brown hair for over 50's

Just look at how young the woman in the picture! I have no more words to describe how beautiful she carry the hairstyle is.

medium length bob blond hair for over 50's

The added color, luster and volume to this bob is so gorgeous that this lady couldn’t help but flaunt it! I would too, if I was her.

This hairstyle is simple, but definitely not plain! It is very elegant and classy, perfect for any red carpet event.

What I personally love about the “bob”, is that it adds height and volume to any hair. This is perfect cut for those with naturally lifeless, dull and limp hair.

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Mohawk hairstyle is perfect for the young and the young-at-heart. This requires confidence and right attitude.

Here’s some inspiration. This lady really know how to pull off the short pixie cut!

This is the favorite look of professionals. It is just a sleek and straight short hair do. It denotes authority and respect. People with charming and joyful personality also rock this by warming this look with their smiles.

short and sleek bond hair for over 50's

Having bangs/fringes and short bob cut is a good combination to  look absolutely young and charming. Just look at the woman below.

short straight bob cut blond

Tired of your old long hair? Adding layers to a short pixie hair cut would do wonders for a change!

ash blond pixie hair for over 50's

A short bob cut can be styled in a very highly editorial look. Whoever said, “Styling hair is only for those with long hair.”, surely didn’t go to the right salon.

ma-hawk style short blond hair for over 50's

Adding volume and coloring your hair blond is absolutely sweet and sexy. Who would have guessed you can be such woman with all the appeal and charisma when you are over 50’s?

short bob cut for blond woman over 50's

The secret to looking young doesn’t entirely rely on your hairstyle and fashion sense. Always remember that confidence is the sexiest thing that any woman could wear! wear it, and you’ll rock any hairstyle you may have at age 50 and beyond! Cheers!

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